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Do You Sell Retail to the General Public?

No.  BG Industries sells wholesale to retailers, designers, and design firms.  To strictly enforce our wholesale ethics, BG Industries requires certain information for access to our price list and to place an order.

​How Do I Gain Access To The Wholesale Price List?

NOTE:  Log in Sign Up is not an application for your company.  Follow instructions below before attempting to sign up for the log in or your log in will be delayed once you submit your company information.

Step 1:  Fax a copy of your state's sales tax permit [not your federal tax i.d.] along with your company's general contact information - must include your commercial shipping address [include a list of employees that will be allowed to call for your pricing as no pricing information will be given via telephone unless they are listed as a contact]. Interior designers / architects will need to provide a copy of your current state certification.  Include a list of three wholesale companies you have done business with in the last twelve months [with their contact information]. Fax # 337-406-0306.


Step 2:  Once you receive confirmation of your company's registration approval, go to the Login/Sign Up page and create a log in for approval. [Must match the email address provided with your information packet].

Step 3:  Once your company's business status has been verified and you have created a log in, you will be notified that your log in is active.

Note:  BG Industries reserves the right to request additional business identification if deemed necessary.

Current Customers:  Old log ins will no longer work.  You will not have to re-register your company information unless the email address provided to us has changed.  If you are sure you have provided your current contact email address, go to the sign up page, enter your email address, submit and confirm a password.  As long as the email address used is already on file with us, your log in will be approved.  If your email address is not on file, you must provide us with the current email address you wish to use as your login either by calling our office to update your contact information or via email using the last email address provided to us.  The email address used to log in must be provided to us before trying to sign up for a log in or your request will automatically be denied.

​What do I do if my company has no fax machine?

Send an email [with no attachments] requesting email approval of your company's paperwork.  We will then reply to you with emailing instructions.  Unsolicited emails with attachments will automatically be routed to spam and will not be received.

What is your minimum purchase requirements?

We offer different pricing tiers to accommodate your company's individual purchasing needs from volume purchasing to purchasing single pieces.

What are your pricing tier qualifications?


Wholesale dealers [WD]:  This is for our design oriented customers that only need small quantities on an infrequent basis.  No minimum order is required.

Stocking dealers [SD]:  This is for our customers that have a store front.  Minimum $3,500 opening order [based on stocking dealer prices] is required to receive 15% discount off our WD pricing.  SD must purchase stock throughout the year totaling a minimum of $3,500 per calendar year to maintain their SD status.  Dealers who do not meet this yearly minimum purchase amount will receive WD pricing for the following calendar year or would be required to re-qualify with a minimum $3,500 order.

Do you sell direct containers?

Yes.  Container pricing is 50% off our wholesale dealer [WD] prices.  Containers are available in 40 ft. and 20 ft.  Upon building a container order, we will work directly with you to help you determine the quantities of items to reach your container purchasing needs.  A 25% deposit is required at the time the order is placed with the balance due upon delivery.  We will handle all freight logistics.

How do I place an order?

After your company has been verified, call, fax or email to place an order.  We will confirm receiving your order.  A 25% deposit will be required upon order placement.  The balance will be due in full prior to shipping your order.  A 10% [of the order total] restocking fee will be charged for order cancellations.  Cancellations / changes cannot be made once the order has shipped.  No returns are accepted without prior approval.

What are your shipping terms?

We deliver via our own trucks or via contracted carriers to business addresses only.  Shipping rates will vary depending on your location.  Warehouse pickup is available by appointment only.  Claims of shortages or damages must be made to the carrier upon delivery.

Do you Drop Ship?

No.  We will ship to your commercial company address only.  


Do you offer a printed catalog?


Currently we do not offer a printed catalog.  Our website is our catalog.

BG Industries, Inc. is to be exempt from any liability from the use or sale of the products purchased.  Claims of shortages or damages must be made to the carrier  upon delivery.  Damaged items will be exchanged or refunded at BG Industries, Inc. sole discretion.  Being a wholesaler [selling to the trade], BG Industries, Inc. expects the purchaser to be responsible for any minor imperfections or touch ups needed to be performed after delivery.  Items ordered remain the property of BG Industries, Inc. until paid for in full.

4% Processing Added to Credit Card Payments

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